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An initial consult can be expected to last up to 60 minutes and is an opportunity for the dietitian to get to know you and to gather background information such as a diet history. This is also the time for you to work together to set goals around your health.

The Queensland Centre for Digestive Medicine was established by Dr Craig Halliday, Gastroenterologist in May 2010.  

The Centre has distinguished itself as a unique medical institution incorporating gastroenterological services complemented by dietetic services.  

Our Dietitian provides expert advice about nutrition, how the body uses nutrients and the relationship between nutrition, health and disease.  

Our focus is on providing practical and lifestyle solutions that are simple and easy to follow.   We strive to provide a holistic health service providing excellence in individual, family and community care.

Located in Toowoomba, Queensland, The Queensland Centre for Digestive Medicine offers a full time dietetic service based in Suite 1 of St Andrew's Hospital.  


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